QR Code Payments

DesignPay’s QR code payment functionality allows your clients to pay invoices directly from their mobile device. When a client scans your unique QR code, they will be redirected to your DesignPay payment page where they can enter their credit card or eCheck information and submit payment instantly.


QR codes simplify the payment process into just three easy steps: clients scan the code, enter their payment details, and tap Submit Payment.


Mobile and contactless payments are soaring in popularity due to their convenience. QR codes give your clients the option to pay the way they prefer.


Using QR code payments reduces your security risk because it eliminates the need for you or your staff to handle sensitive payment information.


Upgrade and modernize your payment experience

In addition to helping you get paid faster, QR codes support a safer, more convenient client-focused payment experience.

QR codes can be used anywhere

Display your QR code at your desk or reception so clients can pay before they leave. Include your QR code on printed invoices and allow clients to pay as soon as they receive it.

Payment pages are mobile-friendly

Not only is your customizable payment page hosted on our secure server, it’s also viewable on mobile devices, making it easy for clients to enter their information on their phone.

QR codes enable contactless payments

Because your client handles the transaction entirely on their phone, they don’t have to hand you anything and you can maintain the CDC-recommended six feet of distance while indoors.

See how it works

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