Ensure more on-time payments by scheduling transactions in advance

Chasing after unpaid invoices is exhausting. DesignPay's Scheduled Payments feature helps you reduce late payments and non-payments so you can focus on more important things.

With Schedule Payments, setting up one-time future charges or establishing automatic recurring payments is simple. Just collect a client's payment details once, set the charge amount and frequency, and voilá––guaranteed payment.

Enjoy a more reliable cash flow with Scheduled Payments

Flexible frequency options make it easy to create a customized schedule.

  • » End on a particular date
  • » Continue until a designated amount has been paid
  • » Stop after a specific number of transactions
  • » Repeat indefinitely for ongoing projects

Managing Scheduled Payments is a breeze, too.

  • » Easily check the status of existing Scheduled Payments
  • » View upcoming payment date(s)
  • » Filter by payment status to more accurately forecast cash flow

See how it works

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